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My Audition Experience

Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017 11:02 AM

Notorious Dance Company,where I truly developed my love and passion for hip hop!

So where did it all start… auditions.
Attached my number got my photo taken interacted with others, and in we all went for a new beginning at Notorious Dance Company fighting for a spot in a junior crew Kaleidoskope, Semper Fi and Skoutz.

Auditions were over 4 weekends as we were learning a dance to perform at the end of year showcase to display our talent while in the meantime we were getting judged and assessed to see what crew we would fit into best.

Time flew by rapidly as today was the day we would come forward onstage and perform. Turning, twisting, spiralling and knotting my stomach was filled of nerves when I realised this was the moment I was standing onstage along with 20 others. Pressure built, fighting through my body but the good vibes took over and in no time it was complete. Screams filled my ears as the crowd roared when Arisha and Malcom took foot onstage to announce the results it was a do or die moment as I was standing anxiously listening to crew team members being announced my name had arisen and I made it into Semper Fi.

Relief and excitement hit me. I knew it was a start to an amazing future with Notorious Dance Company. A place where moments are treasured,birthdays are celebrated and hard work takes place.

Therefore I strongly suggest for you to come down to Notorious and audition,take a casual dance class and you might just like what you learn.

<By Maya Plesnik>

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