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Wednesday, 17 Jun 2015 08:49 AM

Not too long now until the end of term 2 with Notorious Dance Company and I can’t believe how fast this year is going.

Being able to teach the kids I teach is so much fun! But what makes it special and memorable for me is when they run through that front door into the studio, with the music blasting and having them dancing with a smile on their face ready to learn something new.

When I first started teaching at NDC, I wanted to get to know the kids first as well as them getting to know me. As a student I know how important it is to be comfortable around the person you’re learning from, feeling like you won’t be judged and that you can make a joke and go to your teacher for help and support when needed. It makes the learning process easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Once I get the kids comfortable, their dancing sky rocketed from when they first started. They’re picking up dances faster, understanding their body and music better and still having that smile on their face even when I make them run the same dance over and over again.

One day I was teaching one of my biggest classes and we were running one of our dances when one of my students slipped and fell over. Before I knew it the class and himself were laughing at what just happened. It was something I remembered because the class felt comfortable enough not to laugh at him but with him.

In my classes I try to challenge my students without making them feel like they can’t do it. Every now and then I get the question “Why can’t we learn something easier?” I always say “Because you won’t get better if it’s easy… trust me, you can do this. ” This all started to occur after one day in term 1 the creative director (Michael Tewhata) sat me down and said “when your teaching 1on1 classes you want to push them and you want to push yourself, don’t be afraid to make the chore hard” and I took that and decided to apply it to all my classes not just my 1on1’s.

Recently for the first time I got to see what the results would be with me challenging my students, when my solo kids Alyssa Slade and Bradley Wilson took the stage at a local comp. It was an exciting experience for all three of us with it being my first time choreographing a competition dance as well as it being their first time performing a solo. It was amazing standing side stage watching them perform, I couldn’t stop cheering and yelling. I was so proud, waiting side stage for them to come off I just wanted to give them a hug. It didn’t stop there because after 20-30 minutes they were calling out the results and Alyssa in under 13’s category came 4th out of 17 competitors with a score of 90 out of 100 and Bradley in 13 and over taking out 2nd place!! As teachers Mikey and I make sure our kids know no matter what the outcome in the competition, stay humble and be proud of what you put on that stage. It was definitely a proud moment for the kids, their families and myself.

I love teaching at NDC because as well as seeing these kids grow not just as dancers but as people. I also get to grow and learn new things like how to be more confident in my abilities and learning new ways of moving and teaching, the list goes on. I care about all the kids I teach and I am thankful for the opportunity to be teaching the amazing kids that walk through our door. Notorious is all about creating that family vibe in class so if you haven’t had a chance yet, come down and check us out!

Much love to everyone reading and let us know your thoughts. 

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