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The Notorious journey to Nationals

Monday, 20 Apr 2015 22:32 PM

So Notorious had the opportunity to compete this year at one of the biggest competitions for hip hop dance in New Zealand. With our adult crew Akenza placing 5th at Auckland Regionals, and our junior crew Kaleidoskope placing 4th, it was time to prepare for the next round... Nationals!! This is where the best crews in New Zealand compete to qualify for the World Hip Hop Championships hosted in San Diego.

With both crews qualifying for nationals it was time to prepare for battle. Both crews decided to completely change their routines and with one month to prepare, we new we had to work fast. The journey wasn't easy. There were many obstacles we had to overcome, from major injuries to the loss of some crew members, we had to act quick. With one week left to go, the crews managed to pull it together and ready themselves for Nationals to compete against the best New Zealand has!!

It was Wednesday 15th April, Nationals prelims had arrived and notorious was ready to fight. The atmosphere was insane!! You would walk around and all you could see were NZ's best practising and working hard. The support, the music, the dancing, the love... Makes me proud to be a part of a competition where everyone's goal is to make it to the next round, but no one forgets to share the love!!

It was 6 pm and it was time for al the crews to take the stage. The first crew to represent NDC was our junior crew KALEIDOSKOPE!! Kitted out with swat gear looking like a force to be reckoned with, Kaleidoskope blasted their routine placing 5th and making it to Nationals Finals.

Next up, representing NDC was our adult crew AKENZA. Wearing white contact lenses and gun holsters, looking like crooked cops with swagger, the adult crew took the stage and placed 7th, qualifying for Nationals also.

We had 2 days to do what we needed to do, to come back stronger at finals! With both crews eager to make it to worlds, lots of changes were made and we were ready to compete at finals night.

Saturday 18th April, Nationals finals had arrived and Notorious knew... it was do or die. We arrived at 11am for registration, had our stage rehearsal, then got straight onto practice. We spent the day in our corner of the arena where we ate, practiced and got ready to take the stage. This part of the day was where many moments come together to make the day great. Being a family... fighting for a common goal and doing it together...seeing talent explode the day was full of these moments...it was such a humbling and inspiring experience to be apart of a day like that!!

Its 6pm, and with the stadium packed with 2000 audience members its was time to start the final round of New Zealand Nationals. Once again KALEIDOSKOPE was the first to represent notorious on that stage and once again they killed it!! Performing with such heart and determination these kids left it all on the stage with no regrets. Louis Lowman (12) member of Kaleidoskope had this to say...

"Shout out to the crew parents for everything they have done for us, Notorious directors Malcolm and Arisha, and our teachers Shenal and Mikey"

Next up, representing Neverland Dance Company... ahem, I mean Notorious Dance Company, was adult crew AKENZA. After making many changes within the two days they had, and feeling pumped after watching Kaleidoskope, they came together and decided to take the stage with one goal in mind... TO HAVE FUN!!

And so they did...

At the end of the day Akenza walked away with 7th place and Kaleidoskope walked away with 6th. Although it wasn't the result we had hoped for, no one walked away upset. Both crews walked away with smiles on their faces and congratulated the others for their astounding accomplishment.

There were no tears shed that night accept tears of pride and joy. The hard work and countless hours... the obstacles... the pressure...it was all apart of a journey that in the end, helped us grow stronger and be better to take on the next journey at NOTORIOUS!!

We are looking forward to the next comps coming up and we would like anyone who wants to get involved to come check us out... lets bring Auckland Dance Community together and represent as a family!!

Much love to everyone reading and let us know your thoughts.

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