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SOLO | DUO | TRIO - Private Lessons

Our private sessions are designed to:

  • Build confidence
  • Prepare our dancers for competition and performances
  • Teach the correct execution of styles within a routine.

We endeavour to do this by setting realistic goals, promoting the proper competition etiquette, and creating a session that requires good work ethic, and self-motivation.


Solo Duo (per dancer)Trio (per dancer)
Choreography Fee$250$125$100
Hip Hop Tech$150$150$150
30-min Training Fee$30$20na
60-min Training Fee$60$35$25
Costumeown costown costown cost
Competition Entry Feesown costown costown cost

Choreography Fee

Includes music selection and editing process, and tweaks and adjustments to the routine to satisfy different competition criteria.

Hip Hop Tech

All competition dancers will also be required to attend our Hip Hop Tech classes.

Hip Hop Tech is facilitated by specialist teachers who are both knowledgeable and experienced in a particular hip hop foundation style. Each style is taught as a 3-5 week segment. Styles include (but are not limited to) popping, hip hop grooves, breaking etc.


Additional cost. All costumes ideas must be approved for age and style appropriateness.

Competition Entry Fees

Additional cost. The number of competitions a dancer participates in, depends on the individual goal set for the dancer.